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Remedies for the Treatment of Damage and Dry Hair



Everything whether it is cold unkind wind or a burning hot straightening iron harms your hair and makes it dry and brittle. But the life does not end on this dry hair. You should combat your brittle hair by following proper dry hair care tips. This article discusses some of Dry Hair Care tips to re-establish its glow and shine.

Natural Remedies

Your foremost option should be natural resources to cure your damage hair. Application of yoghurt or egg is excellent on brittle hair. Bananas and avocados are very effective moisturizers for dry hair. Apply these on your hair leave it for at least 15 to 20 minutes and then wash with shampoo thoroughly.

Avoid Extra Products

Too much usage of artificial hair products lead to hair damage. The major cause of dry hair is using alcoholic products. Never use those products which contain alcohol for it dries your scalp. Always use rich and moisturizing products for frizzy and dry hair.

Use Dryer Carefully

Hot air is not good for the health of hair. Hot air damages your hair and they become brittle. Always use your dryer on cool settings. Use it at a certain distance and do not keep it at a certain spot for long time this is really harmful for your hair because dry hair are very sensitive.

Be Gentle

hair-beauty-careBe gentle with your hair. Try to not to comb your hair harshly. Use a moisturizer for your hair whenever you blow dry or straighten your hair for these processes make your hair dryer. Avoid rubbing your hair with your towel roughly to dry. Hair is most vulnerable when it is dry hence treat them gently. Do not comb your hair when your hair is wet as it is very fragile at that time. Wait until it get dry and then gently comb or brush your hair.

Choosing a Right Shampoo

It is very necessary for you to opt for such shampoo which contains the essential oil for your hair. You should know your skin tone first and then opt for the richest and best shampoo for you which suites your hair the best.


Conditioning your hair is inevitable part of dry hair care. Always use a conditioner after shampoo. Conditioner helps your hair to restore its nourishment and the lost essential oils. Washing your hair only with shampoo lacking conditioner is not sufficient. Apply it on your hair gently for few seconds and then rinse thoroughly because any residue of conditioner would help dust to get on your hair.healthy-food-in-heart-diet-abstract-concept

Proper Diet

Without healthy food, you cannot enjoy healthy hair. You should add fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. At least 8 glasses water should be part of your daily intake for it helps your hair to be hydrated. Take all nutrients and multivitamins as well.

Adequate Oiling

woman-holding-glass-jug-with-virgin-olive-oil-skincare-and-haircare-conceptDry hair is often a result of dry scalp. Hence proper massage at least once a month can provide your hair the missing essential oils. Apply oil with your fingertips gently on your scalp. Then apply it on your hair very softly in order to not to break them. It will help to re-enhance the essential oils of your hair.

These tips should be practiced accurately for effective result. Other measures to be done are to cover your hair properly when you go outside and wash them at least twice a week