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Last Minute Birthday Gifts for Dad – 19 Unique Ideas

There are many different types of last minute birthday gifts for dad that you can get, but it is important that you take the time to find one that is truly unique and special. Take the time to look through this list of unique birthday gift ideas so that you can choose the right present to get your father on his special day.

Streaming TV/Movie Subscription

dad gift 1

One great last minute dad birthday gift is a subscription to a streaming TV/movie service like Netflix or Hulu. If your dad loves to watch movies and television shows, this gift is definitely one that he will appreciate it. This is also a fairly inexpensive gift idea and it is the kind that keeps on giving.

Gift of the Month Clubs

dad gift 2

There are lots of different gift of the month clubs that you can buy your dad a subscription to. Whether it is beer, coffee, or even hot sauce, you will definitely want to check out some of these options. This is one of the best last minute birthday ideas for dad and he will be able to keep enjoying it each month when new gifts arrive at his doorstep.

Minute of Life Video Online

dad gift 3

On you will be able to record a video of yourself saying happy birthday to your dad. Your video will play once your minutes has come up and it is the perfect way of wishing him a happy birthday if you are too far away to see him in person.

Swiss Army Knife

dad gift 4

A multi-purpose tool like a Swiss army knife or a Leatherman can be a great gift because it will serve so many different practical purposes. Your dad will definitely find that this gift will come in handy quite often.

LED Screwdriver

dad gift 5

An LED screwdriver will allow your dad to do his work in the dark when he needs to. Almost all fathers appreciate tools for gifts, as this one is definitely both unique and practical.

Beer Making Kit

dad gift 6

A kit that will allow your dad to make his own beer is a great idea for a birthday present, especially if he likes getting creative when it comes to brewing his own.

Amazon Prime Subscription

dad gift 7

An Amazon Prime subscription can definitely be a great gift because it will allow your dad to get free shipping on many of his orders off Amazon’s website as well as TV and movie streaming.

BBQ Class

dad gift 8

If your dad has a passion for BBQ, it might be a good idea to set him up with a local class that will teach him more about this particular culinary art.

A day on the Green

dad gift 9

If your dad loves to golf, pay for a round for you and him so you can get out on the green and do some bonding. Any father who loves golf will definitely appreciate this gift.

Kindle Cover

dad gift 10

Those who have a dad who uses a kindle will find that buying him a protective cover for his can be a great last minute gift that will protect one of his favorite possessions.

Seat Massager

dad gift 11

If you have a have a dad with a bad back, a seat massager that he can use at home or even in the car can be a great gift.

Bonsai Tree

dad gift 12

A bonsai tree is a great little gift that will give your dad something to do. These trees require regular maintenance and trimming and can be very beautiful as well.

A Woodworking Tool

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A chisel set, an orbital sander, or thickness planer, etc…It depends on your budget. No matter what you choose, your dad will certainly be very happy to create something beautiful with the help of your gift.

BBQ Tool Set

dad gift 13

A BQQ set is perfect for all of those dads who like to cook out in the back yard and need some great tools to do it with.

An Air Compressor

Kết quả hình ảnh cho gas air compressor

If your dad is a DIYist, a useful power tool like air compressor is a great gift for him. And your family would be very happy to see how he improves your home with this tool like making a new bookshelf for your room or making a new bed.

Personalized Whiskey Barrel

dad gift 14

For dads who like to make and age their own whiskey, one of these barrels can be the perfect gift. Personalizing the barrel with your dad’s name will earn you some extra points for sure.

Phone Case

dad gift 15

A new case for your dad’s phone is something practical that he will be able to get use out of and there are a lot of different ones to choose from.

A wristwatch

Sounds like nothing special, huh? Yeah, you’re right, wristwatch is one of the most common gifts for men in any occasions. But what matters here is which model you choose for your dad? There’re thousands of watches out there with so many styles to choose from. Buy your dad a solid watch with good-looking or even unique design. If his taste runs into rugged watches, military-style may be a good choice, or if he often go diving or involves in underwater activities, a waterproof or scuba diving watch is ideal!

A beautiful auto watch winder

If you dad already owns a good – looking watch, especially a luxury automatic watch. Chances are that he is in need of a beautiful watch winder now. Wood or leather, square or orbicular, handmade or not…Do a little research and you will easily find a beautiful watch winder that fits in well with your dad’s watch. Happy shopping!