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Back when my blog was a baby, I used to write about a million topics under the sun. Along the way, I streamlined my content tremendously, but that also meant leaving out some areas of interest in my life that I had previously loved to talk about. While I mostly stick to life + style posts now, today I'd like to chat about health for a bit. Many may not know this, but I'm pretty much a stickler when it comes to my health and well being. I wasn't always like this in my life, but during the past few years, I've noticed a huge drop in health when I don't take care of my body. These days, I get 8-9 hours of sleep every night, I do high-intensity workouts 4 mornings per week, and I eat as cleanly as possible {with a few pieces of candy thrown in for good measure}.

While all three of those factors play an equally important role in my health, I have come to have a very frustrating relationship with certain foods. Let's put it this way: when I put greasy, sugary, and processed foods into my body, my system goes wild. I'm talking severe headaches, stomach aches, nausea, etc... Because of this, I monitor the foods I eat very closely. I'm always looking for ways to eat healthier, yet still delicious, foods that make me feel good inside.
Enter Seven Sundays. Recently, the company sent me a few boxes of muesli to try out {if you don't know what muesli is, read this!}. I was very curious to try their product since it was my first time eating muesli. I was especially intrigued after researching their company and finding out that they use only the most natural of ingredients, which I know will always sit well with my body. Since I don't currently eat/drink dairy {story for another post}, I've been trying the different flavors with vanilla almond milk.
My consensus: It tasted very different than anything I've tried before, but overall I really enjoyed this stuff! It was decent poured in almond milk, but I highly recommend trying muesli soaked in vanilla almond milk for 2+ hours in the fridge... now that was incredibly good! My favorite flavor was vanilla cherry pecan! Best part is, muesli is wheat-free in addition to being free of any kind of junk, so my body absolutely loves this stuff. Double score.
I really love this company's branding, mission, and inspiration. Thank you Seven Sundays for sending me your delicious muesli! No matter where you live, you can order Seven Sundays here. Milwaukee - Seven Sundays is sold at pretty much every Sendik's store, plus at a few Outpost and The Fresh Market stores!

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