college memories.


I know I'm probably getting annoying talking about the end of college // starting a new chapter in my life, but it's hard not to talk about it when I'm surrounded by it! I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures from the past four years. I made friends with some of the most hilarious, genuine, and amazing girls in college and we have unforgettable memories together. I have this overwhelming feeling of satisfaction when I think about my time in college, which is much different than I felt about my time in high school. It kills me to think that I won't be living in the same city or apartment as some of these girls anymore! Cheers to our bright futures.

{ freshman year }

{ sophomore year }

{ junior year }

{ senior year }

There are so many memories than are embedded into each one of these pictures. Life is so bittersweet right now! I have a huge weekend coming up with graduation and whatnot. Wish me luck that I don't bawl my eyes out for 3 straight days!


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