The above intimates were gifted for the post by the lovely folks of Wantable

Last February, I teamed up with Milwaukee-based subscription company Wantable to show off a box of jewelry chosen for me based on my interests and likes. This month, they reached out once more, this time offering a box of my choice as a little "taste of home gift," since I moved away from Milwaukee. I was absolutely delighted since I loved what they gifted my first time around. This time was no exception.

Now that I'm a married lady and all, I choose to go with a box of intimates. For those that aren't familiar with Wantable, they also offer makeup, fitness, and accessories boxes as well. I was like a kid on Christmas morning when this box arrived at our new apartment, and was even more excited when its contents were revealed. In short: they nailed it. I know the subject of intimates can be a rather awkward topic for the Internet, but they completely captured my taste: simple and elegant. Above, you'll see two out of four of the intimates I received, all of which I will be putting to great use. The contents of these boxes are well worth the cost if you ask me. Check it out, ladies. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

A huge thanks to the team over at Wantable! 

taking stock


Time to take stock once again! I can't believe how much has changed since the last time I did this a few months ago. P.s. chopped a few inches off my hair! Love how healthy it feels now. Happy Friday!
making: whiskey gingers 
cooking: stuffed pepper soup for dinner tonight
drinking: earl grey tea non-stop ever since our trip to London
reading: ikea furniture manuals 
wanting: to feel more settled here
looking: for the perfect living room rug which is proving quite difficult
playing: johnny cash 
remembering: how absolutely perfect our wedding day was
trying: to focus on growing mentally as a person
watching: orange is the new black... I caved
deciding: what I want to be when I grow up (I think this is a lifelong question)
wishing: for motivation that seems to have disappeared lately
planning: future weekend trips to all of the adorable seaside bed and breakfasts in Maine
enjoying: the way the sun dances through our windows each morning in our cozy apartment
waiting: for my first visitors to arrive in Maine in a little over a month!
liking: the fact that my husband has to now wear a shirt + tie everyday (hello hunk)
wonderingwhen this new state will feel like home
needing: a day with girlfriends 
wearing: some of my husbands shirts because that's what your supposed to do when married, right?  
noticing: how quickly September flies by every single year
smelling: candles because fall, duh
thinking: too hard about all my anxieties and worries (shut up brain) 
buying: furniture for our new home 
feeling: grateful for everything in my life when I pause to think about it

geo pants


blouse: Tommy Hilfiger | pants: J.Crew | shoes: Target | purse: Target | rings: various | earrings: Lizzibeth

Please tell me you choose your outfits in the morning based on whether or not the pieces needs ironing. Maybe it's just some quarter-life laziness setting in, but I avoid wrinkly blouses like the plague. Weirdly enough, I actually enjoy the act of ironing. Something about my perfectionist spirit needing to smooth out every. single. wrinkle... but when it's time to get dressed, I struggle to want to go through the process.

This blouse is a prime example. It's one of my favorite shirts in my closet. It's neutral, soft, and extremely versatile, but this thing wrinkles like none other after it's washed. I'm pretty sure it took me about 25 minutes to iron it on Monday, but it was nice to welcome some longer sleeves back into the mix. Speaking of which, happy first day of fall! What does everyone have planned this season? I myself am hoping to join the thousands of other "leaf peepers" (yes those are actually a group of people who come to New England to peep on the fall leaves) on a few hikes in Maine. Plus eat a lot of candy, but that's a given this time of year. Happy Tuesday y'all!

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