summer fling


Raise your hand if you're like me and really struggle to wear shorts. Here's the thing: my legs are the least of worries when it comes to body consciousness. I was blessed with what I like to call "chicken legs" which happen to be fairy long and thin. You'd think finding a pair of shorts for long legs would be easy, right? Wrong. I'm not sure what it is, but I am not fond of how I look in about 90% of the shorts I put on.

Enter these bad boys from J.Crew. They are the classiest pair of shorts I've worn, and I'm totally having a summer fling with them. AKA I've worn them probably about once per week along with their brother, the grey version, as worn here. They're slightly high-waisted and made with a quality material that flatters. I've worn them with a variety of tops tucked in, and can't get enough of them! Shorts, we've had a great run together this summer. Can't wait to see you again come June. 
shorts: J.Crew (similar) | tee: Mango | shoes: Converse 


before the ring


I know y'all are waiting on wedding photos from us, but today I'm thrilled to share our second round of engagement pictures taken a few weeks before our wedding! If you've been following along here for awhile, you'll remember our first round of engagement pictures in snowy December. I absolutely loved our winter session. It was ultra classy and captured us in a very timeless and somewhat serious way. Come summer, we were fortunate to shoot another engagement session with our wedding photographer, Quyen of June and Jae. I knew this time around that I truly wanted our more laid-back, beach and water loving selves captured on camera. Tim and I love a fancy night downtown just as much as we love a bohemian beach day spent in bare feet with a picnic at our side.

Quyen nailed it. Despite shooting in the middle of July, it was freezing outside and drizzled consistently the entire night. There was not another soul on Bradford Beach, which made the shoot a bit more romantic and less awkward. We didn't let the rain stop us one bit and made the most of the dreamy lighting it created. After the beach, we took another round of photos in a warehouse portion of Milwaukee, which I can't wait to share soon! A huge thanks to Quyen for the incredible session that captures our love and relationship so eloquently. This lady comes highly recommended for pictures from us both!

p.s. Holy cow my husband is a hunk.


we're moving!


Oh hey. My husband and I are moving to Maine! The kicker: we move on Saturday. Yep, that's right. We just got married, went to Europe, and are moving across the country five days after returning home. This month absolutely goes down as the most adventurous and insane month of my life! After months and months of job hunting on Tim's front, his search led him to accept a position as the Assistant Men's Basketball Coach at Thomas College in Maine. We'll be an hour from Portland, Maine which I've heard is an incredible city.

I have never lived outside of the Midwest, so this will be a very unique experience for me! I don't know a soul in Maine, so my networking skills will be put to the test. Two years ago, I moved back home to Milwaukee after living in Minneapolis for four years. I've grown to love my hometown and know there are so many things I will miss. (Namely: my favorite coffee shops, cream city brick buildings for days, and the laid-back-beer-loving culture). My family lives here. I know my way around the entire Milwaukee Metro area with my eyes closed. It will be strange to live in a place without that knowledge and comfort.

When I moved back to Milwaukee, making friends was extremely tough. After about a year, I was fortunate enough to meet some extremely talented and creative ladies that have become great friends to me. It's scary to think about starting over from scratch, but also comforting to know I have so many wonderful friends and acquaintances elsewhere.

I'm most looking forward to exploring a new, beautiful region, immersing myself in a different culture, and watching my husband continually pursue his career dreams. As for blogging, I'm not sure exactly what will happen. I plan to continue actively publishing on my site, but there's a big part of me that's worried I'll lose the regional Wisconsin or Milwaukee readers I was fortunate enough to gain over the past few years. Alas, whatever will be, will be. Que sera sera.

I can't wait to share images of our new home + moving process soon!