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I am currently in one of those uninspired phases when it comes to getting dressed. Most days, I want to assemble the most basic outfit with minimal accessories and call it a day. Some days, I'm perfectly o.k. with this. Other days, I feel frustrated with myself for not trying more! It's leaving me in an awkward phase where I want to downsize my closet while simultaneously wanting to purchase new items and replace the old. (These "new items" I speak of being primarily what's above.)

When I am feeling motivated, I can say with certainty that the one thing I'm craving beyond compare this year is plaid. Ok, I know. Plaid for fall... how exhilarating and unique. Maybe it's my new residence in a state that I can only presume has more lakeside cabins than actual people. Maybe I want to actually live in said lakeside cabins with plaid flannel everything and spend my days drinking coffee overlooking the mountain-surrounded lakes without a care in the world. (Because that's a reasonable vision, right?) I have yet to see a moose here, but when I do eventually see one, I can only hope I'm sporting plaid, Bean boots, and a puffy jacket with a fur hood. Then, and only then, will I know I'm truly a Mainer.


a few good things


blazer: H&M | tee: Forever 21 | jeans: J.Crew | boots: Aldo | necklace: Kate Spade

For the last four weeks, my husband has traveled out of state for work for the majority of each week. This played a huge role in my inability to quickly adapt to our new surroundings here in Maine, as I was on my own for almost a month. (I didn't mention this on the blog earlier because who knows maybe there are creepers out there... I have quite the imagination when left in the apartment to myself :) Straight up, this was a tough month for me, as I pretty obviously lead on here on my blog. Thank you to all who encouraged along the way. I don't typically intend for this place to be a dramatic personal diary, but sometimes writing is the only way to get it out of your system, you know?

Well anyways, the man is back in town and that meant we could finally get back to the business of snapping outfit pictures. (my husband must be just thrilled!) I've had an extra little skip in my step the last few days with him back and even joined the local gym! This is also the start of *college basketball season* for mr. husband which is a big deal around here as the first practice of the season is this week. Life of a coach's wife, am I right? Perhaps this calls for a celebration only properly fulfilled by homemade chocolate chip cookies. I normally make my Momma's classic recipe, but may have to give these a try this time around. BRB while I go eat half the dough.


the stairway to heaven


Over the weekend, my husband and I knew we needed to hit the road stat and find the nearest mountain. This is the peak fall foliage week here in Maine and we both knew we needed to experience it the best way we know how: a long hike. Historically, I'm not a huge outdoorsy person. As I grow older, nature seems to pull at my heart strings more and more often. Tim and I have begun to bond majorly in our engagement and early marriage stages with hikes. He proposed to me on a hike, after all! Since arriving in Maine, we can't get enough of trails.

On Saturday morning, we hopped in the car with bellies full of a huge, delicious breakfast from a local diner. We're fairly certain our GPS took us on the slowest possible route to the state park, but nevertheless we enjoyed incredible scenery from the road and a few antique store stops. Once we hit the park, we eagerly began our ascend up Mt. Blue Trail. Let's just say the eagerness faded quite quickly once we realized this "moderate" trail was actually an intense, hard hike far more strenuous than we had anticipated. We climbed 1.6 miles to the top of the mountain and I think I had to stop about 10+ times along the way. The path was not smooth by any means. We were almost literally climbing boulders to get to the top.

When we were almost to the highest peak, we passed a hiker on her way down. She smiled and said, "You're almost there. Be sure to stop and turn around to admire the view after the stairway to heaven!" As it turns out, the "stairway to heaven" was the toughest part of our hike requiring what felt like every muscle in my body. But oh! The view. When we made it to the top, it was hard to even comprehend what we were seeing. We were completely surrounded by mountains, lakes, and miles of colorful trees. These pictures hardly do it justice. 

What appalled me most was how quiet it was on top of the mountain. For a while, we both stood still and didn't say a word. You could have heard a pin drop half way down the mountain. If there was ever a moment when everything felt so clear, this was it. It made every ounce of physical pain from our journey up the mountain worth it. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week, appreciating both the big and little joys of life.

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