thoughts on working from home


^ a very premature look at my workspace (this thing has ways to go!)

What do you imagine when you think of "working from home?" Does the vision of long days spent in pajamas and a laptop in bed come to mind? These past few months are the first time I've truly experienced working from home, day in and day out. At this point, I would say I've almost fully adapted to my situation and have learned what works and what doesn't for me. Today I'm sharing my thoughts on working from home, for better or for worse!

+ Getting dressed is not the hard part. For me, it's putting on a full face of makeup and finishing my hair. Admittedly, I don't put as much into my look as I would if I were headed into the office, but I do make sure to dress in clothes I wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen in. I make an effort to feel pulled-together every day when my bottom hits the desk chair!

+ Having no commute is amazing in many ways, but there are pitfalls. I mean, does anyone actually enjoy sitting in traffic? No, but when a commute is part of your day, you have time to mentally prepare to go into work, and you have the ability to decompress from your day before you come home. Working at home blurs the line between start and end time for work. The no traffic part is lovely, but it's a struggle to mentally get into and out of my work day!

+ I am loving the freedom to cook hot food for lunch. I have always been a pack-a-cold-lunch girl at every job and internship I've held. When I began working from home, I was still making the same lunch I packed for the office in the past. One day I realized, hey! I can make hot food! This has been a glorious revelation that I am taking full advantage of.

+ Speaking of lunches, I have fallen into the habit of actually taking a break and watching one t.v. show during my lunch hour. It's a great way to chop up my work day, so that I don't feel like I'm glued to my seat like I used to feel when working in an office. I will admit, though, that there's always the temptation to keep watching t.v.! I haven't caved yet. Discipline is key here.

+ I'd like to say I get outside to stretch my legs and put fresh air in my lungs all the time, but the truth is that I don't. I would say I get out for a walk about once every 2-3 work days. I always intend to get out, but as the weather grows colder, I struggle to find the motivation. This is something I'm still working on, since I know it helps tremendously!

+ Having an "office space" in our apartment has made a huge difference for me. We own a desktop which is my work computer for the day. After 5pm, I avoid the desk/desktop like the plague. In our small apartment, I can't avoid this area all together at night, but avoiding using the desktop post work hours allows me to re-charge my battery. 

Have you worked from home? Or do you now? What do you like/dislike about it?


the perfect fall dress


dress: courtesy of Lily and Violet | boots: Old Navy (similar) | purse: Target | jacket: H&M | necklace: Francesca's

We keep waiting for it to get cold here. Every weekend like clockwork, my husband and I remark to one another, "This is the last weekend of nice weather! We have to enjoy it!" And every weekend, we laugh at ourselves because God graces this region with another weekend full of beautiful weather. We knew we needed to take advantage once again this weekend, which meant some activities like watching the men's soccer team play at my husband's college (where he works), plus a lengthy drive around town on Sunday following brunch. 

I was just explaining to Tim how confusing this time of year is for dresses. It's just a tad too chilly to brave bare legs, but tights are a little too eager at this point. With this weekend's reasonable temps, I knew it was the perfect time to give this new dress a spin sent over by the sweet ladies of Lily and Violet, an adorable boutique in Minneapolis. After wearing it all day, I decided it truly is the perfect fall dress: tweed, hints of leather, and warm enough for crisp days. I also know this dress will carry well into winter when paired with tights, too! Hope you all have a wonderful week. We're practically in holiday season! Truly one of the best times of the year.


in the kitchen


I am no chef, but since I moved into my first apartment in 2009, I've slowly learned how to cook for myself. I started basic... you know, things like eggs, chicken, pasta, etc. Throughout college, I probably ate the same 10 meals on rotation. I was content because most fit my busy student lifestyle, but provided the health and nourishment I needed to reduce stress levels. Fast forward to married life presently, and I'm back in the kitchen more than ever before. 

I'm quickly learning what meals do/do not work for both my husband and I. A prime example: one night, I made spaghetti squash thinking, "We're a healthy family!" only to watch my husband ignore the majority of his plate. Lesson learned: faux carbs do not work for this man. He wants the real stuff. So, that being said, I'm always really curious to know what everyone else is whipping up for meals in the kitchen! These days, I'm trying to use recipes that rely on fresh spices, roots, or vegetables vs. things like frozen veggies or pre-made sauces. It is tough. I definitely cheat like every week in one way or another, but it's the effort that counts. This week, I thought I'd share a few meals/treats we've made lately that will absolutely be repeated in this household again!

+ above is the homemade tomato soup I whipped up for just myself for lunches this week
+ I made these pretzel chicken tenders for dinner last week and my husband just about leapt for joy at the sight of them
+ we made a batch of these chocolate chip cookies that have been our dessert all week
+ these three cheese zucchini stuffed lasagna rolls were so so good for dinner
+ crispy garlic sweet potato fries were an awesome side for meat
+ I made this vegetable and cheesy pasta bake while husband was out of town and loved it
+ I've also whipped up pumpkin cookies, blondie bars, and about a million different potato recipes this month

What are y'all cooking lately?
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