second chances


This past winter (like every winter) was long. For me, not only was it long, but it felt slow. Starting life in a new area of the country frees up your schedule like you wouldn't believe (not knowing anyone = no obligations). During the last 9 months, I've almost had too much time on my hands. Don't get me wrong, it's a luxury I'm incredibly thankful for, but I struggled at times to know how to best fill my time with productive yet enjoyable things. Well anyways, fast forward to this past month and things have looked much different for us.

Long story short, about a month ago we got the go-ahead to end our apartment lease. As mentioned here, we already knew the town we wanted to move to next here in Maine, so the apartment hunt was on! Two weeks ago, we found *the one* and began packing up our old place. These last few weeks have been a bit agonizing waiting for the moving day. But that day did come! Last Saturday, Tim and I alone moved everything we own down five flights of winding stairs and into the moving truck. With only the two of us working at it, it took 14 hours. Hashtag death. I will say, however, that I feel like I did my Momma proud that day. I managed to help Tim carry THEE heaviest furniture down those flights and somehow managed to make it through the day without a single tear. We were SO sore on Sunday morning, but I could have sworn that I woke up the next day with a six pack of abs and ripped arms/legs.

We've been here all of three days and are loving it. Our town is extremely quaint and everyone is overly friendly. It almost feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The last city we were in was such a horrible fit for Tim and I. Everything from the apartment building to the conditions of the area were so far from what we're looking for in a community and place to live. I'm a big believer in the idea that your environment affects you in significant ways, and the environment we were in felt suffocating to me. When we drove back to the old apartment on Monday to clean the place, the smell of the building made me physically nauseous when we walked in. It made me realize how much disdain I had internalized for our situation over the last year.

I feel beyond grateful for the opportunity to sort of start over in Maine. We didn't have a great first impression, but I'm hoping this year will show us a different side of the state that we'll grow to love. Just last night, Tim's parents arrived in town for a week of fun and exploring in Maine! We're headed to the remarkable Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park tomorrow for a two-day trip which is much needed for both of us. It will be my first time staying in a bed and breakfast so stay tuned for my likely over-eager assessment of the breakfast portion. If you've been to the area, throw out some recommendations! We're planning for Cadillac Mountain, biking the carriage trails, sailing on a lobster boat, and exploring the downtown area.

Hope everyone had a great long weekend. Three cheers for a 4-day week!


cinnamon rolls, ftw


Alright let's get the cheesy part out of the way: these ought to be called *sin*amon rolls, they're so good for you in the way that they're so bad for you. Saturday morning, my body woke me up at 6am as it often does on weekends. I've been wanting to attempt homemade cinnamon rolls for quite some time and this weekend just felt like the right time. I used this recipe which was at times a little vague, but overall ended up creating beautiful, sweet, delicious delicacies. Our apartment smelled like Cinnabon, y'all. I was dwelling in a cloud of fresh dough, sugar, butter, and cinnamon hot out of the oven. I'm surprised I didn't eat more than one. But one is all you need!

...Because let's not even discuss how much butter and sugar are in these things. But you know what? Who gives a stink. I used actual butter, white sugar, and white flour. In our household, the 80/20 eating rule is very present. 80% of the time we're eating whole nutritious foods and meals. But you better believe that 20% of the time is dedicated to indulging in the treats we love, like pizza, ice cream, cookies, banana bread, and in this case - cinnamon rolls. It was the perfect way to welcome the weekend when paired with a hot cup of coffee. I highly recommend giving these a try if you own an electric mixer!

p.s. Don't be intimidated by the steps. Yeast/dough is fairly forgiving so take your time with these.

p.p.s. The best part about these is that you can freeze them once cut into rolls but before baking. We only made half of the batch which means another round of these bad boys on a Saturday morning to come, but without the work.


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