sweatpants: a love affair


sweater: J.Crew | sweats: Honeydew Intimates via Shopbop | slippers: J.Crew | mug: Anthropologie

Raise your hand if sweatpants are your style language! (*raises both hands*) Way back when in high school, I was actually mostly allergic to sweatpants and jeans. I loved wearing dresses and skirts or pants that didn't appear too casual. We'll chalk this one up me wanting to be older than I actually was (story of my life) and trying to dress the part. Well, here we are at 24, and the majority of what I wear is skinny jeans and sweatpants. Maybe my desire to be older has caught up with me and now I'm trying to look younger? More so, I think my recent years of 20-something life have left me slightly jaded and desiring to keep it clean, simple, and minimal in how I dress.

Because of this transition, I decided that if I am going to indulge in wearing sweatpants more often, they need to at least appear healthy. The majority of my current sweats are entirely ratty. Ratty enough that wearing them in public would be frowned upon and I would probably get my *style blogger status* revoked if there was such a thing. I recently ordered these new Honeydew Intimates sweats, which are now sold out, but loving how they're a skinnier fit without being skin-tight. These days, there are so many other stylish options for sweats out there that I'm thinking I'll need to choose another pair soon to build this little portion of my wardrobe.  

p.s. I will DEF be sporting these through the week of Christmas as a nice comfy barrier for my cookie-filled stomach and the world.


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DIY homemade hot chocolate gifts


In my eternal quest to make everything homemade (which I often fall short of), I decided this year that our household would hereby not be purchasing store-bought hot chocolate mix. I mean, is it delicious? Oh you betcha. But shouldn't something as simple as hot chocolate NOT have an ingredient list 10+ items deep?! I turned to my friend Martha (Stewart, that is) for a homemade hot chocolate mix recipe. Upon taking my first sip of my first cup of this stuff, I was hooked, and knew I needed to gift the mix in some way this Christmas season.

And so, in desiring to give my first ever true DIY Christmas gifts (that's assuming we're not counting ALL the ones my Mom has us do as children... cross stitched magnets, patterned DIY plates, the list goes on..) I brainstormed these little homemade hot chocolate jars to give away to some acquaintances here in Maine. If you have an afternoon, these are a fairly easy homemade gift to give to friends, coworkers, or your kid's teacher! Instructions are below. And I highly recommend making a cup for yourself. Fair warning: you'll likely have a sugar high. But isn't that the point?!

Supplies | small latch jars, garland ties, twine or string, blank gift tags, glue pen (not shown), marker

I was able to find all of the above at my local craft store, and think you would be able to do the same! These instructions are going to be pretty lame, because in actuality this is fairly easy and you won't need much instruction!

First, I wrote how-to-make-hot-chocolate instructions with a nice pen on one side of the gift tags. I would do this first. When dry, flip the tags over. Cut your garland ties in 1-2 inch strips and use the glue pen to draw a line straight down from the hole of the gift tag. press each strip of garland tie onto a gift tag. Put something, like a book, down on the gift tag for a few hours to make sure the ties stay on and dry properly. 

In the meantime, wash out the jars and peel any stickers off. Make a batch (or however many you need) of homemade hot chocolate mix. When the jars are dry, fill each with the desired amount of hot chocolate mix. I think I used 2/3 cup in each jar. (P.s. this part makes a mess!) Shut the jars and latch tight. 

Finally, write the names of your gift recipients below the greenery garland ties on the gift tags with a pretty marker! Use the twine to secure the gift tags to the jars, and you're done!




dress: Gap | scarf: Lizzibeth | booties: Old Navy | hat: Gap | purse: Target | lipstick: "MAC Red" by MAC

Hey! An outfit! These posts are rare these days, for good reasons. The first being that I work from home. I try (key word... try) to get dressed every day, but even when I do, let's just say the outfits are anything but inspiring. They're more of a uniform of sorts, like a favorite pair of skinny jeans and a comfortable tee on top. The second reason being that during all daylight hours, my husband, who also happens to be my photographer, is at the office. The sun is now setting here in Maine at 3:58pm. (!!!) That means that most days, we don't even have a chance at getting in a little photog session. Heck, we don't even consider trying!

Well, just yesterday, the Mister and I decided we should probably start our Christmas shopping. And like the schemer that I've always been, I knew I'd somehow sneak in a photo shoot somewhere in the day. (Lord bless my husband for what I put him through). Aside from knowing we were taking pictures, it only felt right to go Christmas shopping in my cheeriest winter hat and scarf paired with thee most comfortable sweatshirt dress. If you don't own any sweatshirt dresses, I highly recommend adding one to your wardrobe. It's like a tuxedo t-shirt... "It says I want to be formal, but I'm here to party." Except instead of partying, this one more so says I'm dressed, but I'm here to lounge. Spoken like a true homebody!


Disclosure: Heart of a Blonde occasionally receives vendor/brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.
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