wedding film


You guys. I am beyond excited to share our wedding video today! I am showing our film before any wedding pictures for a very good reason. I can't share our photos yet as a number of them will be published in print in the spring issue of Wisconsin Bride Magazine next year! In print! It is such an honor to share our long prepared for special day in a such a great publication.

Speaking of honors, it was an absolute honor to work with our videographer, MANN FRAU. It's hard to know where to even begin with this talented husband-wife duo, Benjamin and Kelly. A while back, I was a coworker of Benjamin's and was surprised when he reached out to me during our engagement saying he was doing videography work these days. Months later, Tim and I grabbed a beer with these two and it was finalized... they were filming our wedding day! We knew we were in for a huge treat based on what we saw of their previous work.

By far, the video speaks for itself, but I have to say I was blown away with the final product. I can't even explain the emotion I felt while watching this for the first time (which I'm quite glad I did alone). Not only do we have the best/most important day of our lives documented for years to come, but what I loved most about the film was seeing how happy both of us were on our wedding day. Just like everyone says, your wedding day flies by. I hardly remember pausing once during our wedding to soak in just how happy and joyful I was. When I watched our film, I lost count of the number of documented times I was laughing and smiling throughout the day. I can't thank Benjamin and Kelly enough for capturing our raw emotion. I will cherish it for so many years to come.

The best part about working with these two is their quiet-as-a-mouse mentality. They moved around our group so quickly and seemingly effortlessly to capture every important angle and moment, yet I never felt like they were in the way or requesting that we do something unnatural that would interrupt our day. I cannot even imagine how long a wedding must be when you're on the documentation end of things, but these two powered through and didn't show one single ounce of tiredness. Beyond their high level of professionalism, they are an absolute joy to be around. I couldn't have asked for for better people to work with.

Benjamin and Kelly, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the most beautiful wedding gift we could ask for. We were so incredibly fortunate to work with such talented, artistic, and kind people and are entirely happy to recommend you to anyone and everyone we know. You two are the best.

Molly (+ Tim!)

world's most addicting pretzels


The move to Maine and starting of a new job (which is really two jobs in one) has been hectic for my husband. He hasn't had a spare minute to himself at work and at home, especially with a certain wife who has been particularly emotional these days. I had a small wake-up call mid last week and realized that this is my life now. I'm in a new state with a new role as a wife. The more I embrace my chosen circumstances, the happier this whole family will be. The more I do to resist this new situation, the more miserable life will be for everyone involved. 

With that realization, I've taken a few days to think about how I can be a little less selfish and a little more supportive in our marriage. We are so new to this and are making many mistakes along the way, but still know at the end of the day we have it good. Very good. With that spirit, I decided it would be fun to make a homemade snack for Tim as he is on his first week-long work trip this week. I decided on making a batch of seasoned pretzels, which ended up being the best decision and biggest mistake. Best decision because they are crazy good. Biggest mistake because we are now both addicted to these things. I used this recipe in case anyone is interested in whipping up a batch of their own.

Best wishes on your first ever work trip, husband! 


rough around the edges


tank: Target | blazer: Gap | shorts: Forever 21 | boots: Target (similar)

Since moving to Maine, I've worked my job remotely at home. This is a very new experience for me, and one that is taking lots of getting used to. The husband and I have just about no furniture yet in this place, so a small TV tray is currently serving as my desk and our bed is in the living room serving as a couch. Things are a little rough around the edges over here. In some ways, I am loving the newfound freedom of living on our own as a newlywed couple. In other ways, this is really hard. Getting used to living with the person I did so many years of long distance with is no walk in the park. For now, every day is an adventure. There are a lot of tears on my end, but thankfully that husband of mine is holding it (and me) together quite nicely.

One small thing I'm working on is getting dressed each morning, along with doing my makeup, even though I'm not leaving the house. It gives me a little purpose and routine in the mornings before hunkering down for work. I'm curious to know if any of you work from home? If so, bring on the tips. It has been recommended to me to take a walk at lunch every day, but I won't lie, laziness is getting the best of me there. I'm open to hearing some words of wisdom for any of these scenarios: moving across the country, starting married life, or working from home. I know things will look up shortly down the road, but in the meantime, I should probably replace binge eating candy corn with something a little more... healthy :)