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My husband brought it to my attention that lately whenever I want to justify a purchase, I call it an investment. Busted! I laughed and agreed with him, but also tried to explain my new mindset in buying retail: the idea of less but better. I still gawk at shoes that cost over $50 or wince at jeans that are priced the same as a flight home, but I'm learning to adjust how often I purchase as well. Both Tim and I get an allotment of spending money each month. I'm working on not feeling the need to spend it all upfront, but rather to zero in on something I'd like to invest in and use more than one month's spending allowance toward it. (Note: this is a work in progress and I'm not always successful in the effort!)

Today I thought I'd share a few items that I'm looking to pounce on that are, most certainly, investment items. I'm looking at a few super classic items that would help make the core of a more refined and simple wardrobe.

+ sunglasses. I think it may be time to bite the bullet on a pair of Rays!

stripes. An obvious classic. Looking to swap out some old stripe shirts I have for something fresh.

+ mid-rise skinny denim. At 24, I've finally figured out that low rise is not for me. Neither is anything non-skinny.

+ flat booties. I feel like I could wear 'em every day and never tire of the look.

+ parka. It's fine time I replace my puffy black coat that's been with me for 7 years. It's time.

+ espadrilles. The ideal warm-weather footwear staple, no?

+ jumpsuit. Specifically a comfortable one for days when putting together an outfit seems an uphill battle!

+ dainty gold jewelry. Recently, this is the only jewelry I'm drawn toward wearing. Simplicity!


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Just when my S.A.D. was starting to take over this winter, I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to travel to California for a few days for work. While there, I wasn't able to spend much time outdoors due to the nature of the work I was there for, but what I saw and experienced was absolutely enough. The weather was mostly in the mid to upper 70s and the sun was shining every day. It was such a pleasant shock to my system! 

Traveling solo is such a luxurious notion that I will always be grateful for. (I always think that I'll look back on these types of experiences when I have kids someday and remember how freeing it was!) I have to say, this trip sealed the deal for future winters... traveling somewhere warm, even if just for a few days, is a must if I can swing it financially. Enjoy the few snaps I took from around Anaheim with my phone! Here's to hoping my body can somehow sort out which day it is and what time zone schedule it's supposed to be on.

p.s. Highlight of the trip: Getting to see my long-time blog friend Julie and meet her sweet baby Clement


wedding day: pre-ceremony


Enjoy our first round of wedding photos from the morning of! There are a ton more photos and some words on the day after the jump, so be sure to click through to see 'em all!

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