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a fun little ring dish we registered for at Crate & Barrel
I remember being (probably too) excited to register before our wedding. Our wedding planning timeline was fairly condensed, so when we were both available, we took on two different stores to register in one day. That was mistake number one. If you are engaged, I recommend spreading out the stores between different days. Our heads were spinning in the second store of the day trying to determine the difference between 4 types of ice cream scoopers. We were practically zombies. If we had to re-do it, I would start with our favorite out of the three - Crate & Barrel for the first appointment. I would then follow up with BB&B on a different day and fill in the holes with Target on yet another day. Perhaps that will help a bride-to-be or two!

The great thing about registering in our day and age is that you can edit your registry the second you get home. All stores create an online registry for you when you pick everything out in the store, and this was really helpful for us. I edited our registries like crazy after we came home from the stores. We were blown away by each and every wedding gift and felt beyond grateful for everything we received (seriously, it was like having 10 birthdays in 1.) After using the stuff we received for half a year now, today I'm sharing a few top items from each of our registries that we've gotten great use of, whether big or small. (But in all honesty, we really do use everything we received as gifts. Of course there's not enough room to talk about everything we got, but these are just a few that come to mind.) Enjoy!

decor directions


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Back in August when we moved to Maine, I was super eager to begin decorating a new apartment! What I didn't realize was that said apartment would only have 1.5 closets, both of which hold a wardrobe (the 1/2 one just barely). I kid you not when I say that we have absolutely zero storage in our apartment, aside from what we make into storage (like baskets and whatnot). Because of the lack of closets, we still have many items that are sitting in our front hallway and probably will be until we move again. Sad face. 

However! I am still loving the (albeit slow) process of collecting items for our own. We are really trying not to rush into any purchases or to buy things that are only a solution for the apartment we're in now. In the last 6 months, I have learned a few things about my taste in decor. 1. I still love bright + airy spaces, but... 2. I love moody elements, like splashes of indigo, more than I thought I would. 3. Mid-century modern is definitely our style. 4. I am very inspired by Mediterranean-influenced pieces. 5. It is REALLY hard to imagine how something will look in a space before having it actually in the space. Aside from these realizations, as you can tell the images above are serving as current inspiration for me at the moment. Below are a few pieces I definitely wouldn't mind adding to our place. Some are out of budget, but sort of serve as a benchmark of the style I'm looking to incorporate. 


taking stock


making: fresh sandwich bread every other Sunday
cooking: all of the carbs (potatoes, pasta, homemade pizza)
drinking: water (feeling extra thirsty lately) + the occasional whiskey ginger
reading: one thousand gifts
wanting: pretty well any one of these Splendid jumpsuits
looking: for a coffee table that will tie our living room together
playing: vance joy radio on spotify nonstop
remembering: how blissful summer is
trying: my hand at painting (key work... trying)
watching: mad men and criminal minds on netflix
deciding: that it's been far too long since my last cheeseburger
wishing: I could meet up with my best friends if only for an hour coffee date
planning: a few trips for later in 2015!
enjoying: every free moment my husband and I have together
waiting: for spring, but who isn't?
liking: snowshoeing after trying it for the first time
wondering: where bees go in the winter (my curiosity led me to google it... wow you guys hafta read this)
needing: a new pair of winter boots like none other with all this snow in New England
wearing: tee + jeans almost daily
noticing: how much internal growth has happened in the last year
smelling: freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
thinking: warm thoughts
buying: loafers! (like my newest pair shown above by Dolce Vita)
feeling: good

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