in season


shirt: J.Crew | skirt: J.Crew | shoes: Converse | belt: Gap

Normally by now, I'd be knee-deep in fall glory. By the time August rolls around most years, I'm ready for fall and all that comes with it. I consider both summer and fall to be my favorite seasons, but somehow summer ends up getting the shaft during its third month. I blame retail stores for shoving next season on us while we're all just sitting here trying to enjoy the one we're in. 

This year, summer has felt like an eternity. Not in the way where I feel as though I've done a million amazing summer activities, but more so in the way that time feels like it's taken its sweet time to unfold. I know it's that way because of my anticipation for our wedding in July. I look back at what I did in June, and it feels like an eternity ago. I have no complaints about this. It's so nice to finally feel like I wasn't rushed into a new season. This week, it's still in the mid 80s in Maine and the humidity is not going anywhere fast. I'm content with enjoying the last hot weeks of the season and will be fully ready for fall when it decides to show up. 

p.s. These are my first pictures snapped in our new town! I'm choosing remote locations for a while until I can build enough confidence to snap on the street. Happy September y'all!


passport: lisbon


Earlier this month, my husband Tim and I jetted off to Europe the morning after our wedding. Our first country was Portugal and more specifically, the city of Lisbon. Hi, this place is amazing. Imagine an old, historical European city matched with all the beauty of oceanfront living. Around every corner was another quaint street filled with shops, restaurants and colorful locals. We both did our best to learn a few key phrases and words in Portuguese but likely butchered every ounce of what we said. The locals were extremely friendly and did their best to speak choppy English back to us.

Despite getting lost the first day, the rest of our time in Portugal was spent leisurely exploring the city by foot. We loved the trams, historic neighborhoods, and bright beautiful tile everywhere around the city. I honestly wanted to rip every square of tile off the homes here to take home for myself. Turns out they don't come off that easily. This is a city of color. Aside from the tile, there are so many pastel homes and buildings that delighted my eyes. On our last night in the city, we stumbled across this view that was the cherry on top of a few wonderful days in Portugal. In case anyone is curious, we rented this airbnb and loved it - perfect for two (although it was very hard to find upon arriving).

If you go:
Take a day trip to Cascais for a true Portuguese beach town.
Explore the neighborhood of Alfama.
Rent an apartment through AirBNB. It's inexpensive and there are SO many great apt. options.
Go to the neighborhood Barrio Alto at night. Bar hop in the vibrant alleyway bars.
Take a tram ride.
Try the burgers with fried eggs available at many restaurants.
Get a pasteis de nata (custard tart) for breakfast with espresso - the pastry the Portuguese are known for.
Spend lots of time near the ocean with a bottle of wine.

Ahh, what a city! Wish we were back there now.

hello maine


We made it to Maine! In case you missed it a little ways back, my husband and I recently moved to the East Coast for his job. Last week, we spent three days on the road with our massive UHAUL towing the car. Let me tell you something about riding three days in the front of a moving truck. It's not glam. There is zilch room in those front cabins, and our legs needed major stretching when we arrived last Thursday! Nonetheless, we're thankful for a safe journey with little to no problems on the road. Heck, we even stopped at a huge candy factory in Indiana and loaded up on sugar.

So here we are in a fairly small town in Maine. There is definitely going to be an adjustment period for me here. Aside from a quaint "Main Street," there's not much in this town that screams chic. We managed to serendipitously snag what seemed to be the only one bedroom apartment with wood floors in pretty much one of the only apartment buildings in town. We're still staying with new friends in town, thankfully, and should be able to scrub down our new apartment and move in later this week. As for the people here, almost everyone has been beyond kind. People have been very welcoming which definitely makes moving across the country just a tad easier. (Also, thanks for my Momma for writing "just married!" on our car right before we left... we think that's our ticket to receiving kindness from strangers!)

Maine's capitol, Augusta, is about 20 minutes from us and also happens to have the nearest Target. You can bet your bottom dollar we zoomed there yesterday and spent far too much money on various things for our new place! We both had that pit you get in your stomach when you leave a store knowing you spent far too much, but we're newlyweds just living the broke dream over here. It's all fun and games until we run out of giftcards from our wedding.

I can't wait to share more pictures + our apartment process!