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First things first: How amazing is this hand drawn wedding portrait?! Last month, the adorable Corrie of CWdrawings reached out with the opportunity to sketch a wedding picture of our choice. This was a no brainer! Our wedding day was truly the best day of my life. I look at our photographs at least once per day and love reliving every moment from our day. To be able to have a piece of art commemorating our wedding is the most special thing to me. I am beyond excited to frame + hang the drawing in our bedroom and can't thank Corrie enough for capturing one of my favorite pictures from our wedding as art.

So this gets even more exciting. Corrie is offering 15% off to all my readers in her Etsy shop with code HEARTOFABLONDE at checkout! How great of a gift would one of these drawings make?! I imagine it being an extremely personal and heartwarming present for someone you love. And if you're engaged, you can even add a drawing from her shop to your Etsy Wedding Registry! Good things all around here, so go give Corrie some love on her shop!


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+ You can bet I already snagged this awesome Christmas banner from my local Target. Also loving this and this from Target's holiday selection!

+ Cannot get over these pictures from Buffalo, NY and their 6+ feet of snow! Poor things.

+ My sister shared this hilarious "article" from The Onion with me (re: Thanksgiving/family) and it gave me a good chuckle. 

+ She also wrote a bit on her blog about prayer which hit home with me. I think it's worth a read!

+ As I attempt to hone my from-scratch-cooking-skills in the kitchen, I optimistically made this spaghetti with turkey meatballs recipe last weekend. It just barely came together after two hours in the kitchen and  the meatballs were super crumbly. Just another reminder that every skill takes time and half the fun is learning! 

+ I don't plan to do Christmas gift guides here on my blog, but loving Shopbop's under $100 guide! Particularly drooling over all the C. Wonder plaid gifts. I'll take one of each. 

+ I keep coming back to this haircut inspiration. It's only a matter of time before I take the plunge and return to a bangs-centered hairstyle! (Plus, if I can look like "Olivia Pope" my life will be complete)

+ Speaking of hair, I forgot I did this easy braid tutorial last year. This is a fantastic way to conceal bangs that are growing out!

Hope you all have an incredible weekend! Hashtag holidays!


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deck the halls


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There are so many questions I have about officially being an adult. (By the way, getting married has officially officially made me feel like an adult, in case you were wondering why I'm just now considering myself one!) On the top of this list of questions is: How do I decorate for Christmas? How much holiday swag should I collect each year for my home? What's the appropriate amount to spend on a fake wreath? (It just seems like $20 is preposterous, you know?) Why is seasonal, temporary decor so expensive? These are the things that keep me up at night.

Next week, my husband and I will be decorating our first little apartment together after Thanksgiving. And by decorating, I mean putting up our fake tree and whatever other measly decorations we can scrounge up. While I'm really excited to do this for the first time as a married couple, I feel so anxious because I haven't figured out what vibe I want my Christmas decor to give off! Do I go with classic red and green? Should I embrace a more neutral theme with shades of silver and gold? Should it be a white Christmas outside AND inside our apartment? The above inspiration is my starting place. Stay tuned for (hopefully) some photos of our place in its Christmas best soon!

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