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+ Not that I want to skip the next few seasons anytime soon, buttttt Madewell showed a Fall 2015 sneak peek that I did not mind stalking. 

+ This "Everyone's Upstairs Neighbors" video had me laughing pretty hard because we ARE the upstairs neighbors in our apartment and I always feel terrible for whomever lives below us. Let's just say I have rather loud footsteps. 

+ Try this website which gives personality insights based on your writing. It was fairly accurate for me! 

+ Homemade iced animal cookies. 'Nough said. 

+ The color indigo has been catching my eye lately. This scarf would be so lovely for a trip!

+ Very useful: How to Revive Stale Bread

+ Asking someone these 36 questions is said to lead to love. I may have to try this one out with my husband! (Although I can confirm we do indeed already love each other :)

+ Believe it or not, all these pictures came from an iPhone 6. 

+ How gorgeous would this dress be for summer weddings? 


spring? is that you?


top: Lucky Brand via T.J.Maxx | jeans: Genetic Denim | flats: old | necklace: Lizzibeth

Come spring, does anyone else feel a bit self conscious? Very pale skin, a long-ignored haircut, and lack of a beach body suddenly come into the light when you start to make it outside the house more and more with warmer weather. I had a wave of it this weekend. The weather has (gratefully) really started to warm up the last few days in New England, which is wonderful, but it's like coming out of a warm snuggly cocoon where cookies are acceptable and skin doesn't see the light of day. Things feel a little off for a while, but hopefully with time (and a bit of color on my skin) we'll be feeling confident in no time!

With said lovely weather on Sunday, my husband and I decided to venture out for a walk. We decided to extend our walk to the local CVS so I could pick up a prescription, but let me just tell you what we did not prepare for: sidewalks in the worst possible condition (think muddy piles and potholes galore). I was wearing the shoes I'm wearing in the pictures above which was the dumbest thing I've done in 2015 because we ended up walking 3.5 miles. Needless to say, the bottom of my feet resemble a war zone warranting several warm epsom salt soaks. The transition to spring is off to a rough start, but I think it can only go up from here :)


our first apartment


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